Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Video Series from Honest Abe Log Homes and

On Facebook [], we hosted an online, on-demand Log Raising & Plant Tour Event. We did this for the first time earlier this year and had great feedback. We want to give you an opportunity to participate as well.

Two video series shown. 10 log raising videos & 5 other videos about our manufacturing plant. Scroll down to start at #1 of 10. Most videos are short.

Honest Abe Log Homes Mill Tour with 5 Videos. Wood characteristics and the Delivery of your log home material package

Go To Facebook = LogHomesByJack to see 1 of 10 and then 1 of 5. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact at 800.767.4916

Thursday, October 1, 2020

WOO = We Offer Options

WOO Means

We Offer Options

By Jack Hutslar
Owner . est 2001
Log . Timber Frame . Eco-Panel . RuStick

What does this mean when referring to Log and Timber Frame Homes? Please allow me to give you a few examples of the options that we offer when discussing the style, design, and layout of your future home.
Keep in mind, when designing “your” home, you need not settle for what some other person or couple had decided to build. In that regard, if you lived in a home that you really liked, we can recreate that home for you as either a log home or timber frame home.
Back to options now. What choices do we provide for you?
[1] 1st or 2nd floor master [loft?] bedroom suite can be customized to your liking. [2] Other guest bathrooms. [3] Upper loft or bedroom?
[4] Back deck can be configured as a screened in porch. [5] Enlarge or shrink the footprint. [6] Add more porch or porches.
[7] Add a basement or build on a crawl space. [8] Add a one or two car garage – free standing, connected, under. [9] Add a breezeway.
[10] 10 log styles. [11] 4 window systems. [12] 5 roof systems.
[13] Incorporate other plans. [14] Log or Timber Frame or Eco-Panel? Finally, [15] Does your final design fit your budget ideas or do we need to look again at more and less costly options?
Some companies have set designs. Some companies might also add on “change fees” when you alter their designs. Making modifications and changes is what we do to design the home that just right for you … and there is no added fee to make these changes.
= = = = =
We offer a very good combination of Price, Quality of Materials and Service. When “their” Price looks good, then start asking specific questions about the Quality of Materials including the actual package content and Service including warranties.
Jack Hutslar is an authorized dealer for Honest Abe Log Homes, Southern TimberCraft and Sansin Enviro Stains. Offered also are stain and repair services.
For more information, see the floor plan link and photo gallery link at


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Friday, September 25, 2020

Price Change Notice from & Honest Abe

Price Change Notice

Signs of the time … It is what it is

It has been announced that we now have a new price program for our log, timber frame and eco-panel homes. If you have received a recent Price Estimate from me, you will need to have a refreshed “estimate” before going forward.

While we do not like having this price increase, we do find it necessary. We have seen our suppliers double and even triple prices to us compared to late winter/early spring prices. Many suppliers are not holding pricing for over a week and sometimes less. I even heard yesterday that someone paid $30 for a sheet of 7/16 OSB! Ouch!! We have seen comparable price changes in the auto parts repair business as with cement last year.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) published recently that there has been a 170% increase in lumber prices since mid-April. NAHB also reported that the four month period from May-August 2020 has had the sharpest lumber price increase since they started following this in 1949. 

I don’t know if anyone will take this as a positive, but in a quick snap shot of seven of our standard models, the price went up from a low of 8.5% to a high of 10%.

Everyone will need to pay attention to expiration dates on your price quotes that we have out. They were good for 30 days. Other sales documents and expiration dates should also be verified to see if there is a need for updated pricing.

We are hopeful that these material price increases are close to leveling off. Availability of some materials still remains a concern but so far we are managing. Interestingly enough, the number of leads and calls we have received recently is at a higher level than we have seen in recent month.

Please contact us with any items that may need to be discussed. Thank you for all your efforts! … Jack Hutslar at LogHomesByJack and Eco-Panel Green Homes by Jack

Monday, September 14, 2020

Honest Abe Living . September 2020 Edition . Home story .

 Honest Abe Living . September 2020 Edition . Home story . Pavilions . Pest suggestions . Cooking . Good photo displays . and more.

When planning to meet with Jack. Here is are few of the things that we will go over to get the ball [logs?] rolling. … Who we are since 2001 .. Your ideas and plans .. 1 or 2 story .. Our plans or yours .. How many bedrooms & bathrooms .. Loft .. Big view window wall .. Basement ..  Garage .. Breezeway .. Type of log, timber frame or eco-panel system .. Preferred log style .. Material options .. Are you planning to do any of the work .. Do you need a builder .. Your budget .. Your property .. When do you wish to begin .. The payment options .. Construction to perm loans .. 

Contact at 800.767.4916

Click here for the September Issue ...

Friday, August 14, 2020

Honest Abe Living . August 2020 Edition .

Honest Abe Living . August 2020 Edition . Good photo displays in this issue .

What size and style log, timber frame or eco-panel home interests you? Great room [LR DR Ki]? Bedrooms? Bathrooms? Loft? Porches? Decks? Basement? Garage? Remember, we can take any plan and make it larger or smaller or blend it with other models. …

For more information, to set up an appointment or to get started, contact at 800.767.4916

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Home For Sale . Slide Show featuring our hybrid log home at Smith Mountain Lake

For Sale
Slide Show featuring our hybrid log home for sale at Smith Mountain Lake in Mariners Landing in Huddleston VA.

[SML is in the middle among Lynchburg, Bedford, Roanoke, Rocky Mount, Martinsville and Danville. 3 hours from Greensboro, 4 hours from DC]

3500sf on three levels includes a finished apartment-like basement. Great room. 3-4 BR areas. 4 BA.

Amenities galore: Dine. Boat. Fish. Swim. Golf. Tennis. Trails.

To visit this home in person, contact Joan the Realtor at 540.588.5180.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Honest Abe Log Homes Video #4 [19 minutes] focuses on ...

Honest Abe Log Homes Video #4 [19 minutes] focuses on building the log walls. Josh Beasley [Honest Abe President] shows how the courses of logs are laid out and prepped before they are screwed down. This foundation “platform” is used in all of our live annual workshops in the Honest Abe Activity Building in Moss TN. We usually have 100 to 150 in attendance at each and every workshop.
Honest Abe uses Eastern White Pine for the log system because it is a quick growing renewable resource that is abundantly available, kiln-dries well, and tends to not twist or crown like many other wood species.

Electrical in a log wall is generally no problem, but takes a little bit of planning and work as logs are being stacked. Make sure outlet locations are marked on the subfloor before stacking or after the first course.

Where two logs are joined on the ends (butt-joint) Honest Abe uses a combination of sealants, flashing, blocking and fasteners to create a strong seal and connection.

Windows and doors attach to a floating T-Jamb / Buck that allows a secure connection but also very minimal movement in the wall if necessary.

Again, Josh only fastened the first course down in the previous video. When constructed, all fasteners and sealants should be used for all logs on each course.

Watch this video #4 here =>

In the Next video, we are going to install an exposed beam ceiling system to create a second floor in our display.

• • •
Contact Jack if you wish to see these informative videos or make an appointment. For more information about your Honest Abe log home, timber frame home or Southern TimberCraft highly energy efficient eco-panel home, contact at 800.767.4916. See on Facebook