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This and That

Log Raising at Honest Abe Log Homes in Moss TN. . . . The 2023 schedule with all Log Raisings beginning at 9 a.m Central time: January 28; April 22; July 22; October 23As a dealer, communicating these dates to your family and friends is a good opportunity to touch base. It’s usually a good idea that you have “a reason to call.” Seating is limited. Let me know . . . jack

Our suppliers . . . Product wait times for us to obtain materials can vary from a several weeks to 25 weeks depending on the product. In the past, we were usually able to source ALL of the materials needed in 45 days. Sigh.

Dollars and Sense . . . The Federal Reserve met December 14 and raised interest rates by 0.50%. The Mortgage Bankers Association predicts that mortgage rates will drop to 5.4% in 2023. … Interest rates in the 5% range are great rates. Once folks realize the days of 2 and 3% interest rates are gone and predictably won't be seen again in our lifetime. ... 5's are great!

Honest Abe Christmas Album

Here is the link to our Christmas Album we are sharing with you . . .  https://www.honestabe.com/project/christmas-albums/

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Want a Log Home Price Estimate? Answer some questions.

Want a Log Home Price Estimate? Please answer some questions.

We offer a number of log and timber frame models from which to start if you have not already found something you like. For me to give you a reasonably accurate estimate of costs, I need for us to have a conversation so that we can go over your options.

Considering a Log or Timber Frame home. Wondering about the cost. Here are a few things that we need to discuss before I can work up that initial estimate for you . . . 

What is in your material package? The list is explained on line and in the mailer you received or will receive.

Heavy Timber exposed beam roof system or conventional

Heavy Timber exposed beam 2nd floor system or conventional

- we have six roof options [not to mention porches]

Log style – We offer 10 different log profiles. D Flat Round Chinked

For example: Chinked dovetail log system - 2nd level? - one added course of logs?

Highlander model is 24x38 at 1320sf

Reduce or Increase the footprint to 24x32 or not. 2BRs. 2 BAs

Do you want it larger or smaller?

Do you want the Big window system on the deck side?

= = = = =

Added gabled porch to the deck side

Added shed porch

Deck or 2nd deck

Long or short porch on big window side

Standard wood windows or upgrade to better clad windows

= = = = =

Crawl space or basement

Public water and sewer or drill and put on an inground septic system

= = = = =

So, as can be seen, there are many options to be considered. Give Jack a call to set up an appointment so we can go over these options and clarify your questions. Thanks . . . jack

Inquiries: 800.767.4916. Jack@LogHomesByJack.com

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Honest Abe Living, September 2022, is our FREE online magazine

Honest Abe Living, September 2022, is our FREE online magazine. It is full of stories, photos, ideas and tips.

The September issue of Honest Abe Living is now available online. Click on the link below or paste it into your browser.

Honest Abe Living is an interactive magazine and includes:

1. Ideas for adding spice to your log walls with metal, cork, bark and other materials by interior designer Molly Cooper.

2. An interview with owners of a home built from Honest Abe's Eagledale plan, a video tour of their home and a downloadable premium plan.

4. A printable list of home medical supplies suggested by a Red Cross trainer for those whose home is more than 20 minutes from EMS.

5. An invitation to visit the National Rolley Hole Marbles Festival and Championship in September, which is in part sponsored by Honest Abe Log Homes.

6. A recipe for spicy rabbit.

Brought to you by Honest Abe Log Homes and LogHomesByJack [on Facebook]. Comments? Questions? To schedule a meeting, contact Jack@LogHomesByJack.com at 800.767.4916


Thursday, August 25, 2022

What is Bugging You?

What is Bugging You?

by Jack Hutslar

About Destructive Bugs

One of the more common complaints about log homes has to do with bugs, specifically carpenter bees and wood bores. Add termites to the list of unwanted pests.

Some insects eat and digest wood. Others create nests by making holes usually in the bottom of beams. Carpenter bees can be very destructive but it extends beyond the holes they leave. 

Carpenter bee damage is not confined to log homes. Wood siding and the underside of decks are prime locations for these insects.

Wood bores like the surface of the logs and wood siding. This type of damage can be prevented in new homes with a borate treatment before staining. Bugs that ingest borate treated wood willdie.

Carpenter bees generally invade homes by going up into the bottom of deck and porch beams as well as the roof fascia. They chew up into the wood and then stretch out their lairs laterally leaving telltale sawdust deposits. Once in the wood, they create new baby carpenter bees. Then theall leave their nesting area in the wood BUT return the following season [sometimes twice a year] to do it all over again. It is a life cycle like salmon, the fish.`

Additional carpenter bee problems arises when you do not stop this from happening. That is woodpeckers. They have the unique ability to find [hear] carpenter bee nests in your lovelywood home. Woodpeckers will tear into the wood surface to find this insect larvae for food. The damage they cause can be enormous.

A solution is Bug Juice

Bug Juice insecticide paint additive is designed to kill most crawling and flying insects on interior and exterior surfaces.  It eliminates spiders, ants, weevils, cockroaches and even those pesky cockroaches.

Bug Juice is a contact insecticide that I sell. It MUST be mixed in the top coat of the stain or paint you are using. It will kill these pest in a short time [It is not harmful to people and pets]. The insecticide is absorbed through their sticky pads. The standard Bug Juice treatment is good for around three years. Lightly wash down your home after each pollen, dust and dirt season. Bugs must be able to connect the treated wood for it to be effective.

Bug Juice may not mix with a few paints and stains. In order for it to work properly an additive may be needed. This catalyst is either Penetrol or Floetrol from Flood.

Here is a note about termites. A termite treatment is usually mandated for new construction jobs. If not, get it done. Call a local exterminator. 

Added Suggestion: Stack all fireplace wood at least 50 feet from your home. Large stacks of wood on your porch is inviting these insects.

We deliver nationwide.

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Monday, August 15, 2022

Honest Abe Living August 2022 brought to you by LogHomesByJack.com

Honest Abe Living August 2022 is our FREE online Log Home magazine. It is full of stories, numerous photos, ideas and tips.

Brought to you by Honest Abe Log Homes and LogHomesByJack on 
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Honest Abe Living July 2022 brought to you by LogHomesByJack on Facebook

Honest Abe Living July 2022 is our FREE online Log Home magazine. It is full of stories, numerous photos, ideas and tips.

Brought to you by Honest Abe Log Homes and LogHomesByJack on FacebookQuestions? Comments? To schedule a meeting, contact Jack@LogHomesByJack.com at 800.767.4916

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Honest Abe Living . June 2022 brought to you by LogHomesByJack

Honest Abe Living . June 2022 

Honest Abe Living June 2022 is our FREE online Log Home magazine brought to you by LogHomesByJack.com on Facebook. It is full of stories, numerous photos, ideas and tips.

                          Custom Segura Model by Honest Abe Log Homes

Brought to you by Honest Abe Log Homes and LogHomesByJack on FacebookQuestions? Comments? To schedule a meeting, contact Jack@LogHomesByJack.com at 800.767.4916

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