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Home For Sale . Slide Show featuring our hybrid log home at Smith Mountain Lake

For Sale
Slide Show featuring our hybrid log home for sale at Smith Mountain Lake in Mariners Landing in Huddleston VA.

[SML is in the middle among Lynchburg, Bedford, Roanoke, Rocky Mount, Martinsville and Danville. 3 hours from Greensboro, 4 hours from DC]

3500sf on three levels includes a finished apartment-like basement. Great room. 3-4 BR areas. 4 BA.

Amenities galore: Dine. Boat. Fish. Swim. Golf. Tennis. Trails.

To visit this home in person, contact Joan the Realtor at 540.588.5180.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Honest Abe Log Homes Video #4 [19 minutes] focuses on ...

Honest Abe Log Homes Video #4 [19 minutes] focuses on building the log walls. Josh Beasley [Honest Abe President] shows how the courses of logs are laid out and prepped before they are screwed down. This foundation “platform” is used in all of our live annual workshops in the Honest Abe Activity Building in Moss TN. We usually have 100 to 150 in attendance at each and every workshop.
Honest Abe uses Eastern White Pine for the log system because it is a quick growing renewable resource that is abundantly available, kiln-dries well, and tends to not twist or crown like many other wood species.

Electrical in a log wall is generally no problem, but takes a little bit of planning and work as logs are being stacked. Make sure outlet locations are marked on the subfloor before stacking or after the first course.

Where two logs are joined on the ends (butt-joint) Honest Abe uses a combination of sealants, flashing, blocking and fasteners to create a strong seal and connection.

Windows and doors attach to a floating T-Jamb / Buck that allows a secure connection but also very minimal movement in the wall if necessary.

Again, Josh only fastened the first course down in the previous video. When constructed, all fasteners and sealants should be used for all logs on each course.

Watch this video #4 here =>

In the Next video, we are going to install an exposed beam ceiling system to create a second floor in our display.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Video Series by Honest Abe Log and Timber Frame Homes [with]

Video Series by Honest Abe Log and Timber Frame Homes [with]


Honest Abe Log Homes is hosting an FREE online log raising demonstration and a tour of the log and timber frame manufacturing plant. The series begins on June 6, 2020.

Follow the link to sign up:

Hosted by company president, Josh Beasley, the log raising event has been filmed in a series of 10 short episodes covering floor plans, foundations, log stacking, ceiling and roof systems, doors, windows, porches, decks and more. Additionally, a tour of the mill will show how kiln dried logs are precision into the homes that will make someone's dream come true.

For more information here in the area or in any under-served area, or to get started, contact at 800.767.4916.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Answer to questions about Turnkey costs by Jack

Answer to questions about Turnkey costs
For residential log homes in central Virginia, we estimate turnkey cost these days at $110 to $175/sf. As a rule, smaller cabins cost more per square foot than do larger log homes. That is due to some of the fixed costs that are needed in large and small homes. That includes items like the foundation, mechanicals, plumbing and HVAC.

Recreational cabins with materials that will not pass residential code requirements can cost considerably less. DIYers can probably knock as much as 30% off the turnkey costs with sweat equity. When there are no building codes to follow, estimated turnkey prices can go down.

* * Note that there can be huge turnkey cost differences when working on a beer versus a champagne budget. * *

Geography also factors into the estimated turnkey cost of homes. Construction in some zip codes are way more costly than others.

Here in VA, construction costs go up as we get closer to Northern Virginia and the DC area. In TN, it is the Gatlinburg area, costs can nearly double in comparison to what it costs here. In many CA, NY and CO areas, it is the cost of living and code requirements that add to the turnkey costs. In contrast, turnkey costs in Eastern NC have been a bit lower but they are much higher than our average in the Western NC Mountain areas around the Asheville area.

However, there are no geographic differences in the cost of our material packages in all of these areas apart from sales taxes and delivery fees. In that regard, it would make economic sense to buy as much of the materials as possible from us rather than pay higher prices for the same materials in the high income areas.

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Home Improvement Project Ideas for the Empty Nesters

Home Improvement Project Ideas
for the Empty Nesters
For years, the kids have essentially run your home. Sure, you’re the head of the household and the one paying all the bills, but the kids have taken over the house itself. At a young age, it was toys, books, snacks, cups, and clothes, and as they got older it was homework, book bags, shoes, jackets, phone cords, and an endless coming-and-going of friends. Now that the house is kid-free, it’s time to reclaim it as your own

Below are just a few home improvement project ideas to get you started.

If You Want to Keep the Kids Rooms...

Add an Addition

Before we talk about the smaller-scale projects, let’s take a moment to discuss a bigger one: an addition. Perhaps you’d like to keep the guest room free for visits from family and friends (and, of course, the kids), but you still want a space of your own such as a home office, TV room, or exercise room. Maybe you’d like to add on to the kitchen or bathroom, or add a room over the garage. Regardless of the ideas, remember that an addition to your house will cost more than your basic home update or project. How much? The average cost for an addition is around $40,000, but depending on the project’s size and materials, it could be more. After all those years of parenting, you deserve it, so it’s something to keep in mind and start budgeting for.

If You’re Ready to Revamp the Kids Rooms...

Create a Home Office

How great would it be to have a dedicated office space other than the dining room table or living room couch where you can work, pay bills, or simply escape for a few moments of solitude? To create your home office, you’ll, of course, need a desk, but splurge on a comfy chair too. Take it to the next level with a mix of lighting (natural and ambient), d├ęcor, and plants for added greenery and a natural calming effect. Keep things organized by securing all cords underneath or behind the desk using binder clips, install shelving for extra storage, and get creative with a spice rack or mason jar to hold small office supplies. If you’re not able to take on any of these projects on your own, consider bringing in a handyman to help. The cost of hiring a handyman in nearby Lynchburg averages $505, but this will depend on the scope of the job.

Designate a Hobby Room

Rather than being banished to the garage, you can explore current and new hobbies in your own hobby room. Don’t have a hobby? The internet has plenty of hobby ideas for you such as painting, collecting, photography, or sewing to name a few. Creating a hobby room is similar to a home office. Simply fill it with all the necessary workstations, storage, and supplies you’ll need. Make it comfortable, let in the light, and add personal touches to help your creative juices flow.

Design a Walk-In Closet

Have you always dreamed of adding a walk-in closet? Well, now you have the space to create the closet of your dreams. You can easily get started by adding the right DIY closet system; The Container Store, Rubbermaid, Closetmaid, and IKEA are great places to start your search. Also, add signature closet pieces such as a wall mirror, shoe bench, jewelry drawer/hanger, hat rack, belt holder, and a graphic rug to bring it all together.

Make It a Multifunctional Space

Having that extra room is awesome, but maybe you’d like to have it be a guest room and also a space where you can do other things, suchs as the above-mentioned home office and hobby room, or perhaps an exercise room, yoga studio, or reading nook. You can get the best of both worlds with a Murphy bed, aka the bed that folds up into the wall. Your typical Murphy bed runs about $2,500, but if you want something a little more customizable, you’re looking at about $5,000. You can fold it down when you have company over, and easily fold it away and utilize the space in any way you want, making it a win-win situation.

You’ve got an empty nest and some extra space, congrats! Now what? Put some thought into what you’d like to do with that extra space, and make it happen!

By Ray Flynn, the DIY Guy

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Friday, April 3, 2020

New short YouTube "Log Raising" videos from Honest Abe Log Homes

Log Home Alert from Jack
New short YouTube "Log Raising" videos from Honest Abe Log Homes

Saturday April 18, 2020

More details ahead
Stay Tuned

Copy this link below into your browser if it is not active from here.

The focus will be on Log Homes but our Eco-Panel clients could watch. It will provide insights about the quality of Honest Abe Products offered through their Southern TimberCraft division.

The presenter in this video is Josh Beasley, President of Honest Abe Log Homes. Sharp guy and very personable. Great staff too.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

News From Jack at during the China Virus Slowdown - Shutdown on 3/24/20

News From Jack at during the China Virus Slowdown – Shutdown on 3/24/20
Jack is working as usual via cell phone, email and messenger.
The latest word from Honest Abe Log Homes is that we have had clients send in their deposits. Builders are awaiting their material packages to be delivered. Builders, deliveries, trades people and our sub contractors are working while practicing safe distancing.

The Honest Abe cutting schedule is booked up to mid April right now. In “normal” times, we can have your material package on your job site in 45 days or so. But first, we must have an OK on your plans plus your 50% deposit. The balance is due before your material package is off-loaded. We are still pretty much working on that same schedule.

During this slowdown, it is a very good time to get with me [Jack] via cell phone or email or Messenger. We can focus on your questions, ideas, floor plans, options, budget, material package and timetable.

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Let me hear from you. As always, I am available by telephone at 800.767.4916 or email at or or Messenger at Jack Hutslar.

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