Tuesday, November 20, 2018

News from Jack. Price Lock for your Material Package

"Price Lock In"
Material Packages for ...

Log Homes
Timber Frame Homes 
Eco-Panel Homes
Your Log Home?
Your Timber Frame Home?
Your Eco-Panel home? 

January 31, 2019 . End Date

We are offering at $1500 year end “Price Lock In” now through January 31, 2019. This means that when we have your $1500 deposit in hand by January 31, 2019, you will benefit from the current price plan. 

A 50% deposit places you at the top of the list for getting your floor plan drawings completed. 
Delivery By August 1, 2019

In addition, your material package must be delivered by August 1, 2019. Should you not be able to take delivery by this date, any new prices changes will apply. 
Reminder to see floor plans at www.LogHomesByJack.com and www.SouthernTimberCraft.com

For more information or to schedule another meeting, please contact Jack Hutslar.
For clients interested in Eco-Panel energy efficient green homes, schools and businesses with attractive wood accents. We provide material packages for additions, luxurious porches and other types of structures such as churches, classrooms, shops, wine tasting rooms, lodges, retreats, office buildings, theaters and heated warehouses.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

WOO = We Offer Options

WOO Means

We Offer Options

By Jack Hutslar
Owner . est 2001
Log . Timber Frame . Eco-Panel . RuStick

What does this mean when referring to Log and Timber Frame Homes? Please allow me to give you a few examples of the options that we offer when discussing the style, design, and layout of your future home.
Keep in mind, when designing “your” home, you need not settle for what some other person or couple had decided to build. In that regard, if you lived in a home that you really liked, we can recreate that home for you as either a log home or timber frame home.
Back to options now. What choices do we provide for you?
[1] 1st or 2nd floor master [loft?] bedroom suite can be customized to your liking. [2] Other guest bathrooms. [3] Upper loft or bedroom?
[4] Back deck can be configured as a screened in porch. [5] Enlarge or shrink the footprint. [6] Add more porch or porches.
[7] Add a basement or build on a crawl space. [8] Add a one or two car garage – free standing, connected, under. [9] Add a breezeway.
[10] 10 log styles. [11] 4 window systems. [12] 5 roof systems.
[13] Incorporate other plans. [14] Log or Timber Frame or Eco-Panel? Finally, [15] Does your final design fit your budget ideas or do we need to look again at more and less costly options?
Some companies have set designs. Some companies might also add on “change fees” when you alter their designs. Making modifications and changes is what we do to design the home that just right for you … and there is no added fee to make these changes.
= = = = =
We offer a very good combination of Price, Quality of Materials and Service. When “their” Price looks good, then start asking specific questions about the Quality of Materials including the actual package content and Service including warranties.
Jack Hutslar is an authorized dealer for Honest Abe Log Homes, Southern TimberCraft and Sansin Enviro Stains. Offered also are stain and repair services.
For more information, see the floor plan link and photo gallery link at www.LogHomesByJack.com


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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Savings Means Value to Total Cost of Ownership

Savings = VALUE
Eco-Panel Homes & Buildings by Jack
means Value
Value in the total cost of ownership
Save on energy bills year after year
Save valuable trees with OSB = Green
Save on polyurethane core
insulation foam = Green
Save on construction time & costs

Save on using smaller HVAC systems

Save on home insurance

Save with no fire loss

Save with no major storm damage repairs

Do not be penny wise and pound foolish!

Savings = Value

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

And Two Of Them Are Bad

And Two Of Them Are Bad
By Jack Hutslar, Owner
September 12, 2018

The iconic football mind of Woody Hayes, legendary Ohio State football coach, had a highly valued strategy about his game, passing in particular. Coach Hayes felt that when you pass the football, three things can happen and two of them are bad. To him, Incomplete passes and Interceptions were bad. A completed pass was the only good thing to happen when passing the football. So, Woody built his solid game strategy on running the football. It worked.
Let me move his football strategy to home building. When you build or live in a “stick-built” home, two bad things can happen. First, it can burn down rather easily. This type of construction provides the essential fuel and air for fires. Secondly, this type of construction, over 200 years old, is weak and can crumble easily from falling objects and destructive hurricane type winds. Thirdly, they are not very energy efficient. The “good thing” is that they are inexpensive and do provide shelter under “normal” conditions.
Let me call an automatic and shift this football strategy over to eco-panel homes and other structures [E-Ps]. First, the bad thing about eco-panel buildings is that they probably cost more than stick built buildings but less than steel and brick or stone buildings. Secondly, the “saving” features of E-Ps are: E-Ps are strong and safe. E-Ps are highly energy efficient. E-Ps are fire resistant – the core will not melt or burn. E-Ps are green. E-Ps go up fast. E-Ps save money on HVAC systems. E-Ps should save money on insurance. Eco-Panel homes and buildings offer great short term and long term Value that you can literally take that to the bank.

To make good things happen, set up a meeting with Jack.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

How do we get started?

Now What? 
It is not unusual for clients who meet with me for the first time and wonder … Hmmm. We have never done this before. Where do we start? Well my initial conversation with clients like this usually starts with some of the following questions.  I would like to know … 

Do you have a home style picked out? 

How many bedrooms will you need? 

Do you want a basement, a WO basement? 

Interested in a garage?

Do you have land? Is there a view?

Do you have a budget?

What is your timetable?

Do you have a builder in mind?

What questions do you have of me? 

I basically try to “nail down” their ideas about plans, home style, building site, timetable and budget. These conversations are one of the enjoyable parts of my process. This and seeing the final product and happy clients. Log home? Timber frame home? Eco-Panel home? Get-a-Way?

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